Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My 'hair story'

This is an odd post for me, but I've been mentioned briefly in a couple of previous posts about my hair. (It's poor condition and general moaning about it.) But I thought I would essentially tell 'the story' of my hair. God  I know this sounds riveting but please, try not to get TOO excited. 
Me with my little 'fro and stylish outfit

Up until I was about 13 I had mid brown, shiny ringlet curled hair! Naturally! God knows why, but I started dyeing it dark brown when I was around 14ish and carried on until I was about 16 when I first got highlights just before prom. And they were HORRIFIC. White blonde stripes running through my dark brown hair *shudder* thankfully, I can't find an up close photo where you can see how bad they are, but I can assure you. They were terrible. 

After that, I gradually started to get more (and nicer) highlights, and go gradually lighter all over. I was also using John Frieda's Go blonder lightening spray religiously and ended up actually really liking the result.
Me with brown highlighted hair BEFORE using John Frieda's lightening spray
 with my beautiful  Panda who I miss terribly  :(

By the time I went to Glastonbury that summer I'd been using the lightening spray for a couple of months rather than getting highlights, which had made it a nice dark/honeyish blonde over all. Which I liked A LOT. Not only that, but it was obviously much cheaper and didn't seem to damage my hair too much. My hair was still actually in really nice condition at that point, because the small amount of bleach that I had on it pretty minimal.
Glastonbury hair AFTER using the John Frieda Lightening Spray, ft me in a big ol' puddle.

Now, after that it all just goes a bit downhill really. I don't know if I'm the only one but as someone who went from being Brunette to becoming a Blonde I found it weirdly addictive. The lighter my hair became the more obsessed I was whether or not I was blonde, I'd be constantly asking anyone (friends, family, passers by) if they thought I was more "overall blonde" or "blondey brown". When really, I should have been content with the lovely natural looking colour it was! But, to cut a long story short I ended up with bleach blonde hair. I don't know quite how it happened, but I just know it was a BAD decision on my part. 
My hair at it's longest just before it got bleached :(
My hair was nicest in my eyes when it was long, and still varying levels of blonde and brown mixed. But that is EXPENSIVE to keep up getting a full head of highlights and I succumbed to getting my sister's friend to use bleach all over to combat my pesky dark roots and have been fighting the effects ever since. As soon as I got it dyed that blonde it was falling out in clumps, it would no longer naturally curl, but fell lank and straight and the ends were so dead I had a good few inches chopped off the ends. Not nice!
Me at my blondest (excuse my drunken pout, I don't know either!)

As you can tell, I was very happy about returning to being a brunette!
Eventually, after months of bleaching my poor hairs I dyed it a home packet dye dark brown in April 2012 in a vain attempt to claim back some of the condition that was lost and put an end to the roots. Alas, my hair woes were not over here. The photo was on the night that I dyed it, and probably 3 washes after that it had already faded to a more coppery tone. 

And since then, 8 months have passed and I haven't dyed my hair. I have been getting more regular trims and  deep conditioning like my life depends on it and I'm gradually getting the condition back to it. It's even curly again! As for the colour, you would not believe that I ever even dyed it brown! The bleach obviously was still in my hair so after going on holiday twice this summer it went naturally really light in the sun again, and it's pretty much an ombré, dip dyed look now haha! You would not believe the amount of people that don't believe I haven't dip dyed it. I know it doesn't look great, but it's starting to feel lovely and soft again and it's growing so quick I'm just going to carry on letting it do it's thing! 

Most recent picture I could find that  you can see my hair properly in

Products that have helped:
  • Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor. On my second big bottle of this now, and I cannot explain how much I love it, it works wonders on my hair and smells incredible! Available to buy here
  • VO5 miracle concentrate, a hair oil that smooths and nourishes my hair, and again smells lush. Available to buy here
  • Tangle Teezers. The only hairbrush I've found where my split ends have improved! And make my hair feel much softer and more manageable. Available to buy here

Sorry for such a long rambly post, if you've made it this far you deserve a medal! 
Q- What's your 'hair story'? 
What are your holy grail hair products?
Lots of Love, Daisy xxx


  1. I think your hair looks so nice how it is now! X

  2. You will eventually get the condition back in your hair - just stick with it! I used to dye my hair myself and it was in horrible condition so one day I decided enough was enough and I went to the hairdresser got all the nasty ends chopped off & let the colour grow out. I'm not going to lie - it took a long time for it to grow out & for me to regain the condition of the hair. Now I have my hair highlighted in a C-Section only and it is as light as I can go without using bleach which means my hair is in good condition. I maintain it by not using heat unless blowdrying, I was my hair every other day & my favourite product is the Aussie leave in conditioner!

  3. Great post! Your hair is so fabulous. :) I wish I have the same hair as yours.


  4. I love this post!
    I think I have gone through a similar process to you, and think the most recent colour is natural and really suits your skin tone :)

  5. Great post. Your hairs looking at its best now, looks more natural:)
    Ive had alot of hair colours from red to blonde highlights to ombre but now im back to my natural mousy brown colour and its at its healthiest:)

  6. great hair!

  7. I've had quite a few different hair colors, but I think that blonde suits me most. When I went from blonde to brown, I hated it!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  8. I really like your hair now with the gradual colour change! I've had a nightmare with mine over the past year, my natural colour is a mousy blonde but a few years ago I dyed it dark brown and after about 3 years I got fed up and wanted to go more natural but it had so much dye built up I had to let it grow out and fade- cue having orangey brown hair for a few months! Luckily a few months ago it had lightened enough and my hairdresser was able to finally put some blonder highlights through- such a palava!xxx

  9. Your hair looks fab in all the pictures! I swear by Paul Mitchell products.

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog award, hope you enjoy the tag :) x

  10. Lovely post! Amazing blog!
    Check mine and let me know if you would like to follow each other:-)

    Check my new post

  11. YOUR hair story is MY hair story! :( Though to lighten my hair when it was dark I always used fairy liquid or head and shoulders to strip the colour a bit then use bleach and ash toner to stop it looking brassy. Somehow, a miracle, really my hair hasn't fell out or anything it would just be a bit dry. :)


  12. great little hair story :) i'd love to dye my hair but i'm so worried about the condition it'll end up in! with it being so long, i'll definitely check out some of the products you've mentioned :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new xmas giveaway to win lots of presents from lush and more! click here :)

  13. Your hair looks gorgeous the way it is now! I love being blonde but then i always dye it brown after i've damaged it a lot :/ lush hair masks are lovely

    Hannah @ xo

  14. Just found your blog. I love this type of post :)

    If you want come to visit me :)
    Kisses, Elena


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