Thursday, 18 April 2013

As of late...

You don't need to tell me I'm a shit beauty blogger, because I already know! Not only have I nearly completed my 100 day spending ban without updating you on it, I qualified as a professional make-up artist and didn't even blog about it! APPALLING! I thought to ease myself back into the blogging world and to attempt to update you all without a text heavy post I'd share some pictures from recently. I will of course write a whole post dedicated to my make-up course, and do a mini review on my experience if any of you would be interested? But until then. Enjoy some odd little snippets of my life through photos!

 Daisy xxx

Who's house... RUN'S HOUSE!

Beautiful make-up school!
This is my I've already had a drink and i'm EXCITED face
Early morning snuggles 

Playing with colour at Session School

Love my little pup

ALL the malteaser bunnies!

Best chum for our birthday night out!