Monday, 27 August 2012

The big beauty box debate.

I need your help. You. Yes you, sitting there in your pyjamas. I see you.

Basically, I've been following the whole beauty box scene for a long time now. And I've finally succumbed and decided that I'm going to subscribe to one. But I am so torn, there are far too many to choose from and I need your help deciding.

Glossy Box was the first beauty box that I was introduced to (originally by Sara from Swalkermakeup I think) and one which has always appealed probably the most to me. Plus the packaging of them always seems goorgeous and really well presented. The reviews I've seen on it monthly have always been consistently good and it seems to very rarely disappoint but I think I want to hear specifically from someone who adores it that I should take the plunge!

The next beauty box I'm considering is Jolie Box which has also had some really good reviews over the past few months and has had some brilliant samples in it.

Any other beauty boxes you love?! I'm completely open to suggestions and I'd love to hear what you all think of any beauty boxes!

Lots of love Daisy xxxx