Friday, 24 January 2014

Tips on how to get a job on a Benefit Cosmetics counter.

For the past 6 months or so now,I've been working for Benefit Cosmetics as a Beauty Advisor (or BA) I absolutely love it! Benefit is such a fun brand to work for, and I absolutely love the products. Just as a disclaimer before I get cracking though, all opinions are totally 100% my own and this isn't the set guaranteed way of getting the job on any beauty counter! Just things that worked for me, and tips I'd like to share! 

When I was trying to get a job with Benefit I did some serious googling and found lots of horror stories on the interviewing process and the auditions, and if that's how you found this post. DON'T PANIC! It's nowhere near as bad as people made it out to be, and if it doesn't work out for you that's fine! 

The recruitment process for Benefit in particular can be quite lengthy and lots of waiting around the route that I took though was in my opinion one of the quickest and most effective. And that's auditions.  The basic principle is that the auditions are advertised on the website and anyone is free to turn up and give it a go. Good, because it means you don't have to face a phone interview and you also get instant results. Bad, because to some people it can seem pretty daunting. 

The audition process is initially a one-on-one interview, pretty basic questions; why do you want to work for the brand? Which products are your favourite? Etc etc. If you get through that initial questioning they invite you back in the afternoon. 

The afternoon is the actual 'auditions' so, for me they took us down and gave us some really basic training on 4 products and basic hygiene. We then practiced applying the products on each other and then they send you off out on the shop floor. The idea is that you go out 'traffic stopping' which is basically a way of going up to a complete stranger and trying to get them to come over to your counter, sit down and let you put some products on them! If that sounds utterly terrifying to you, to be perfectly honest you are probably going for the wrong job. Because that is about 40% of what you'll be doing as a BA. During the auditions, they aren't expecting you to make a load of sales it's more about them seeing how you speak to people, and if you can convince them to come over and give them the 'Benefit experience' (super friendly, informative level of customer service). Originally when I first started my auditions there was about 15 of us, but over the course of the time that you are there they gradually take people to one side and say if they aren't suitable for the role. I genuinely didn't even notice until towards the end when it was only about 3 of us left that people had been leaving, I'd been so determined to keep a steady flow of customers! 

Eventually, it was only me and one other girl left when they took me to one side for a FINAL series of questions, but these are the more practical questions like what days can you work? And things like that. I then got offered the job on the spot!  I know it sounds like a long old process but it's worth it in the end and it's a great way of seeing what an aspect of the actual job is like.

Overall tips: 
- Sounds cheesy but be yourself, if you aren't naturally confident around the public then this job probably isn't for you.
- Stay positive, not everyone is going to want a makeover. Be polite and move on to the next person!
- Chat to the customer, nothing worse than sitting in awkward silence! 
- Try your best to ignore what everyone else is doing, concentrate on you!
- Know your brand, which products do you like? Which are your favourites? Why?
- Have fun! 

I hope some of you found this helpful, and I'm impressed that you made it through to the end of this whopper of a blog post! Any questions, or thoughts I'd love to hear them in the comments section! 

Good luck! 
Daisy xo 

Monday, 16 September 2013

My current skincare regime!

Skincare is a new obsession for me, I distinctly remember a couple of years ago whenever I was watching beauty videos or reading blogs how boring I found it whenever skincare was mentioned but oh how times have changed! It probably all stemmed from when I started working at the body shop a year ago when mr routine consisted of nothing more than a face wipe for 'blemish prone skin' ick.

Over time I've started to properly understand my skin type, and what it likes and needs. I've finally realised that my skin is actually dry and the majority of the time if I get any breakouts its often because my skin is dehydrated so producing excess oil. (Hence why moisture features as a big part in my routine!) 
I've been in this routine for probably 6 months now, apart from the odd late addition and my skin, albeit not perfect is the best it's ever looked!


Wake up and wash my face with NO7 beautiful skin melting gel cleaner, this is a lovely, cheap face wash that leaves my skin baby soft and clean. 

I then give my skin a quick swish over with a cotton pad and some Bioderma, which removes any last traces of stubborn makeup, and preps my skin.

I'm currently alternating between two serums, if my skin is feeling dry or like it needs a good boost of hydration I use my hydraluron, this stuff is like a DREAM it makes any moisturiser amazing and keeps my skin hydrated and smooth all day long. I would bathe in this stuff if it wasn't so bleeding expensive (RRP £24.99 for 30ML) And for the days when I'm not feeling too dry I'll use The Body Shop 'Drops of Youth' serum from the nutriganics range, enriched with aloe vera and babassu oil it's hydrating without being heavy or greasy.
My go-to moisturiser for the last few months has been without fail Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate, this stuff is effing divine, it's a lovely light lotion that doesn't feel heavy but banishes dry patches and gives a fantastic base for makeup. I first tried this stuff after IMATs 2 years ago, and since I've gone through 4 or 5 tubes, holy grail material here ladies. If you haven't tried it yet I strongly suggest you do!


After wearing a face full of make-up all day, especially at work where I have to CAKE it on I look forward to washing it all off and having a clean face the best part of my afternoon! To get it all off I start by taking off my eye make-up with Bioderma, and then giving my face a deep clean with The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and a muslin cloth. This butter melts away make-up and thoroughly clears out those pesky blocked pores around my nose but gently buffing with the muslin cloth.
I then finish it all off by oiling it up with my BalanceMe Radiance Facial Oil, oh baby. This oil. It deserves it's own blog post and I think I'm going to give it one, but seriously. Any spots, dry patches, uneven skin tone, anything and this improves it. I LOVE IT.

Q- I'm still looking for a couple of things to complete my skincare regime, so what are your favourite Toners and Eye Creams? I'd love to know!

Daisy xo

Thursday, 18 April 2013

As of late...

You don't need to tell me I'm a shit beauty blogger, because I already know! Not only have I nearly completed my 100 day spending ban without updating you on it, I qualified as a professional make-up artist and didn't even blog about it! APPALLING! I thought to ease myself back into the blogging world and to attempt to update you all without a text heavy post I'd share some pictures from recently. I will of course write a whole post dedicated to my make-up course, and do a mini review on my experience if any of you would be interested? But until then. Enjoy some odd little snippets of my life through photos!

 Daisy xxx

Who's house... RUN'S HOUSE!

Beautiful make-up school!
This is my I've already had a drink and i'm EXCITED face
Early morning snuggles 

Playing with colour at Session School

Love my little pup

ALL the malteaser bunnies!

Best chum for our birthday night out!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

100 Day Spending Ban Update: Week One.

Week 1 of my 100 Day Spending Ban is COMPLETE.

Virtual Hi-fives to anyone that has also been doing it. I haven't actually struggled as much as I thought I would, and I've been given all too many opportunities to break it. Just in the first week!

I have noticed that I've desperately tried to avoid temptation though, normally when I'm scrolling through my blog reading list I don't hesitate to click on Hauls, or new product reviews. But I have been avoiding them like the plague! Especially when things like the Rimmel Apocolips have taken the entire blogging world by storm and it seems like everyone and their nan has tried them. I have been avoiding Boots and Superdrug as much as I possibly can as well, it's all too tempting for my incredibly weak will power.

I also went up to London to go for a taster day at The Session School on Sunday, which I might write up an entire blogpost/ semi-review on soon. But we somehow ended up on Oxford Street. TEMPATION CENTRAL. Gah. It was unbelievably difficult, But somehow I manged to stick to my guns and avoid Selfridges, Forever 21, Zara and countless others.

I didn't leave completely empty handed though. I did go into the Body Shop and picked up 2 shower gels, which I am allowed to, as I did list them as an essential and I'd run out of my vineyard peach. I bought 2 mango shower gels, because They were 2 for £6 so it worked out cheaper to have one in reserve. I also got a Love Your Body Card. The cards are £5 so I did seem a bit of a cheat, but you do often get a free gift when you buy one, a free gift on your birthday and when you receive enough stamps. AND you get 20% off all your purchases at the moment with one. PHEW! So in the end, I paid £9.80 and got 3 shower gels (1 being a free gift) and  Love Your Body card. I ended up saving £8.20!

As promised, I did also say I'd write about all the products I've been lusting after this week, list them and move the money into my savings account. So. This week I've been lusting after:

  • MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle £21.50 - A proper cult beauty blogger product now. And a beauty shimmery highlight, I want!
  • Rimmel Apocolips in Apocoliptic £5.99 Oooft. I love the look of these lip lacquers, more opaque than gloss but with a sheen. I liiiiike. (And everyone else seems to have got one)
Considering it's week one, I don't think that's too bad to be lusting over only those two things! I'll move the £27.49 into my savings account now. Feeeels good!

Week One: Saved £27.49
Spent: £9.80

Q- Are any of you doing a spending ban? How are you getting on? 
What are you lusting over this week?

Friday, 15 February 2013

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Review.

If you watched my latest video, you'll have seen that I picked up this for an absolute bargain for £15 from my local Boots when the RRP is £29. I've heard quite a lot about Ojon before, mainly rave reviews so when I saw this for half price I was more excited than I probably should have been to give it a go.

What Ojon Say: 
"From tropical Tahiti to the Kalahari Desert in Africa, from the remote rainforests of Central America and beyond Ojon gathered potent natural oils legendary for their "great healing powers" and infused them into 3 phases: Amber, Crystal and Red.
One precious drop of this multi-tasking wonder helps protect, nourish and transforms dull, dry or damaged hair to vibrant health. Hair instantly looks glossier, shinier; suddenly feels softer, silkier, more luxurious."

What I say:
I'm not sure about whether or this oil has "great healing powers" but I do agree that my hair does look glossier, shinier and feels more soft and silky. I've tried various different hair oils as someone with dry, coloured, damaged hair I need all the moisture I can get! But this, I have to say has been the best I've tried so far. This feels like it properly penetrates my hair and nourishes it, rather than just coating and smoothing it.  It doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down. but a little really does go along way - I am someone which follows the rule more is more, but not with this. One drop really will do the lengths and ends of your hair. 

How I use it:
As you can see in the pictures, the three oils "Amber, Crystal and Red" come layered, so you need to shake it before use. I find it best applied to damp hair, before blow drying as it does have heat protecting properties. Although if my hair is looking a bit lackluster and needs a boost of shine I'll rub a teeeny tiny little drop throughout the ends of my hair, giving it a bit of a boost. The one thing that I don't like is the packaging, it's a thick plastic bottle, without a pump. Which drives me craaazy, you need the smallest amount with this product and not having a pump means I pretty much always get too much. And if you don't screw the lid on tight it has a tendency to leak and gets eeeverywhere. Not cool.

All shook up!

Overall I'm really impressed with this oil, it leaves my hair feeling light, hydrated, shiny and soft. I'm not sure I'd pay £29 for it, but if it's ever on offer again I will certainly be stocking up! It has definitely made me much more curious to try some other products from Ojon, and possibly shampoo and conditioner. 

Q- Have any of you tried Ojon products? If you have, what do you like/not like? 
   - Would you pay £29 for a hair oil?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

100 day spending ban.

Ohhhh lord what am I getting myself in for. I'm doing it. I'm biting the bullet and attempting a 100 day spending ban. This is going to be a bitch! 

I've got an exciting and expensive summer ahead of me, and to be honest up until now I haven't really been budgeting at all. I'm not exactly blowing my pay cheques on mulberry handbags (however much I might want to) but I have been buying things partly for the sake of it, on a whim or just because I'm plain bored. I've got IMATS coming up in June shortly followed by Glastonbury, and then a girls holiday a month later! So it's not exactly like my money isn't going to be put to good use, it's just going to be hard to resist temptation up until then!

The rules:

  1. The spending ban will take place as soon as I post this blogpost (Tuesday 12th of February 2013) and will end on May 23rd 2013. 
  2. I am not allowed to buy any make-up in between those dates.
  3. I am allowed to repurchase something if its urgent and I have no alternative (e.g foundation, eyebrow pencil etc) but only if I have no alternative. 
  4. Under no circumstances do I need any more lipsticks. *sob*
  5. I am allowed to buy essentials (e.g shower gel, deodorant, heat protectant) 
  6. I will write weekly update posts on my blog to talk about my progress, what I'm lusting over so I can keep a record of how much I actually want something. 
  7. Every time I don't buy something that I want, I will move that exact amount of money the item costs into my savings account. 
  8. I am allowed to repurchase skincare (within reason, I don't need to 'stock up' on 8 bottles of liz earle cleanse and polish) 
  9. I am allowed to buy makeup with any vouchers I have/receive for my birthday 
  10. I must see this through to at the very least 50 days! 

We'll see how we'll I manage it! Have any of you done the 100 day spending ban? I'd love some tips, or if any of you are doing it as well at the moment I'd love to hear how you're finding it! 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What are you putting on your face?!

Today I'm going to be talking about nasties. Parabens, silicones, SLS and that kind of crap. Now, until probably about 3 months ago I was blissfully unaware as to what any of those things were really, but since working at The Body Shop it has been brought to my attention. And seriously, that shit is SCARY.

If you're not entirely sure what I mean when I talk about these nasties, basically SLS is a cheap foaming agent that is in most, shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, laundry detergent, shower gels, bubble baths. It's originally derived from the coconut, but don't let that fool you. It's a nasty little bugger that has been seriously linked to cancer, skin irritation, organ toxicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity. Parabens are essentially preservatives with antibacterial and anti fungal properties, used to extend the life of cosmetics. However, parabens in cosmetics are absorbed almost immediately into the body and mimic the body's own hormones, such as estrogen and damaging and disrupting the entire body. They too have been found, again to be linked to breast cancer; a study showed parabens present in the breast tissue of 18 out of 20 women suffering with breast cancer.


To me it sounds terrifying that this kind of crap can be legally allowed, let alone in cosmetics and every day items like toothpaste! Since scaring myself shitless with these facts and figures I decided to make a conscious effort to switch over to more nasty-free, organic natural products. Which sounds easy enough, but as a total beauty addict you'd be surprised how many products they creep in to.

What to look out for in ingredients
They've all got hideously long names to try and confuse you but the ones I try to look out for is:

  • Methylparaben,
  • Ethylparaben, 
  • Propylparaben, 
  • Butylparaben 
  • Isobutylparaben.
  • SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate)
  •  SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) 
  • ALS (Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate) 

I hope I haven't scared you all too much, but when I found out I was like WHY HASN'T SOMEONE TOLD ME?! So I'm spreading the word to you lovely ladies. I am still a complete beginner at this, looking for replacements for products I used to love, especially skincare and haircare wise. So if any of you have any suggestions of products you've been loving I'd love to hear them.

If you take anything away from this post, read the ingredients on the back of your favourite products. I think you'd be surprised!