Thursday, 6 December 2012

Santa Fir Christmas Tree Farm


So this Saturday  just gone was the first I've had off work in ages, and it was lush. I got up late, got ready at a nice leisurely pace and then wrapped up in about 800 layers to brave the freezing outside frosty world. We ended up going on a spontaneous trip to the Santa Fir Christmas Tree Farm near Guildford.

Just to warn you, this is going to be a very photo heavy post...

I'd never even heard of Santa Fir before, but basically it's a christmas tree farm in the beautiful Surrey countryside with Christmas Trees growing from teeny tiny little saplings all the way to 12 ft enormous trees. And I was in my element. We didn't even go to buy our Christmas Tree, we don't put up our tree til about the 15th of December, especially not this year as my dad is in America until then. Bah humbug indeed.. We purely went to have a mooch around and see the REAL LIFE REINDEERS. Yes, you did read that correctly. Reindeers, in Surrey. Uh-mazing. They were so sweet, you were standing about 2 feet away from them on the other side of the fence, they were so beautiful. There was also the most gorgeous gift shop full of christmas decorations, and anything a christmas hoarder like myself could ever want. And wait for it, an entire wall of Yankee Candles. I was may have gone a little mad, and bought about 6 candles but at least my house smells like Christmas now.

Christmas trees!


The entrance to the gift shop

I want to live here.

I wanted to buy loads of these and fill them with candy canes

Red Apple Wreath burning away.

Q- What have you done to feel festive this season?

Lots of Love, Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My 'hair story'

This is an odd post for me, but I've been mentioned briefly in a couple of previous posts about my hair. (It's poor condition and general moaning about it.) But I thought I would essentially tell 'the story' of my hair. God  I know this sounds riveting but please, try not to get TOO excited. 
Me with my little 'fro and stylish outfit

Up until I was about 13 I had mid brown, shiny ringlet curled hair! Naturally! God knows why, but I started dyeing it dark brown when I was around 14ish and carried on until I was about 16 when I first got highlights just before prom. And they were HORRIFIC. White blonde stripes running through my dark brown hair *shudder* thankfully, I can't find an up close photo where you can see how bad they are, but I can assure you. They were terrible. 

After that, I gradually started to get more (and nicer) highlights, and go gradually lighter all over. I was also using John Frieda's Go blonder lightening spray religiously and ended up actually really liking the result.
Me with brown highlighted hair BEFORE using John Frieda's lightening spray
 with my beautiful  Panda who I miss terribly  :(

By the time I went to Glastonbury that summer I'd been using the lightening spray for a couple of months rather than getting highlights, which had made it a nice dark/honeyish blonde over all. Which I liked A LOT. Not only that, but it was obviously much cheaper and didn't seem to damage my hair too much. My hair was still actually in really nice condition at that point, because the small amount of bleach that I had on it pretty minimal.
Glastonbury hair AFTER using the John Frieda Lightening Spray, ft me in a big ol' puddle.

Now, after that it all just goes a bit downhill really. I don't know if I'm the only one but as someone who went from being Brunette to becoming a Blonde I found it weirdly addictive. The lighter my hair became the more obsessed I was whether or not I was blonde, I'd be constantly asking anyone (friends, family, passers by) if they thought I was more "overall blonde" or "blondey brown". When really, I should have been content with the lovely natural looking colour it was! But, to cut a long story short I ended up with bleach blonde hair. I don't know quite how it happened, but I just know it was a BAD decision on my part. 
My hair at it's longest just before it got bleached :(
My hair was nicest in my eyes when it was long, and still varying levels of blonde and brown mixed. But that is EXPENSIVE to keep up getting a full head of highlights and I succumbed to getting my sister's friend to use bleach all over to combat my pesky dark roots and have been fighting the effects ever since. As soon as I got it dyed that blonde it was falling out in clumps, it would no longer naturally curl, but fell lank and straight and the ends were so dead I had a good few inches chopped off the ends. Not nice!
Me at my blondest (excuse my drunken pout, I don't know either!)

As you can tell, I was very happy about returning to being a brunette!
Eventually, after months of bleaching my poor hairs I dyed it a home packet dye dark brown in April 2012 in a vain attempt to claim back some of the condition that was lost and put an end to the roots. Alas, my hair woes were not over here. The photo was on the night that I dyed it, and probably 3 washes after that it had already faded to a more coppery tone. 

And since then, 8 months have passed and I haven't dyed my hair. I have been getting more regular trims and  deep conditioning like my life depends on it and I'm gradually getting the condition back to it. It's even curly again! As for the colour, you would not believe that I ever even dyed it brown! The bleach obviously was still in my hair so after going on holiday twice this summer it went naturally really light in the sun again, and it's pretty much an ombré, dip dyed look now haha! You would not believe the amount of people that don't believe I haven't dip dyed it. I know it doesn't look great, but it's starting to feel lovely and soft again and it's growing so quick I'm just going to carry on letting it do it's thing! 

Most recent picture I could find that  you can see my hair properly in

Products that have helped:
  • Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor. On my second big bottle of this now, and I cannot explain how much I love it, it works wonders on my hair and smells incredible! Available to buy here
  • VO5 miracle concentrate, a hair oil that smooths and nourishes my hair, and again smells lush. Available to buy here
  • Tangle Teezers. The only hairbrush I've found where my split ends have improved! And make my hair feel much softer and more manageable. Available to buy here

Sorry for such a long rambly post, if you've made it this far you deserve a medal! 
Q- What's your 'hair story'? 
What are your holy grail hair products?
Lots of Love, Daisy xxx

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tangle Teezers - Review.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog post in a desperate plea for help, I have damaged, brittle, unruly hair which I am desperately attempting to regain good condition again, and I'm about halfway there. I might do a post entirely about my hair if that wouldn't be too insufferably boring.

I was actually lucky enough to be sent 3 tangle teezers to try out by the lovely Jacqui of Tangle Teezer, and thought I would give my 2 cents. I was sent the Aqua Splash  Teezer, the Salon Elite  and an adorable little Compact Styler

The Aqua Splash Teezer:

What Tangle Teezer say:
"Splish. Splash. Splosh. Aqua Splash is the latest innovation from Tangle Teezer, and the first upright, non-slip, water-loving detangling hairbrush. It just loves to dive in and save stranded hair! The hollow design makes for easy, lightweight handling, and the rounded edges allows for smooth, free-flowing detangling."

What I say:
This was the first of the Teezers that I used, when I received the package I was just about to get in the shower anyway so I thought I'd give it a go. I initially thought that there was no way that it was going to get through the mane that is my hair after just waking up as the pins didn't look particularly long and as if they would get all the tangles out. But. I was impressed! I am currently using Aussie haircare and have been loving the results that I've been getting from using them but oh baby, these two together and like a dream team. I've never got out the shower with such silky hair before. My hair didn't feel weighed down from using the 3 minute miracle like it normally does as it was much more evenly distributed. BIG thumbs up on this one!

The Salon Elite Teezer:

What Tangle Teezer say:
"Salon Elite gives professional results in the palm of your hand. Detangling wet and dry hair without any tugs or pulls, it has an innovative centralised concave design that delivers firm, salon style brushstrokes from roots to ends. Perfect to pick-up-your-preening pace!"

What I say:
This is fantastic. No way around it, I never thought I'd feel this way about a hair brush. The pins are longer than the Aqua Splash and just literally glide through my hair, I am really really impressed with how easy and quick it is to get rid of my tangles and it doesn't hurt. GENIUS. Bloody Genius. I use this every single day now. If you haven't tried this, try it. Please!

The Compact Styler:

What Tangle Teezer say:
"An innovative hairbrush that is just too busy being fabulous! Cute in size and big on style, it can be popped into your bag and pulled out in a New York minute to reboot hair in seconds. Has a removable cover to protect the patented and innovative teeth from fluff and dirt."

What I say:
How. Freakin'. Cute. Is this?! I am a leopard print lover, as any of my friends/family/people who see me on a regular basis will know. I have similar fashion taste to Kat from Eastenders (google her if you're not from the UK) so I thought it was so sweet they sent me the leopard print version of this Teezer. This is perfect handbag size, fits into the palm of my hand, and it comes with a cover which for me is essential. Try as I might to keep it tidy the inside of my handbag is a mess, and It would just collect all manner of crap in the pins otherwise. 

All in all, I am absolutely chuffed to bits with the Tangle Teezers I was sent. And I would like to thank Jacqui again for sending me them. If you haven't tried one/bought one already, stick it on your christmas list because they are truly brilliant. Tangle Teezers are available to purchase here.

Q- Have you tried any of the Tangle Teezers? What are your go-to hair care saviours?

Lots of Love, Daisy xxx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Get to know me tag.

I have been suffering from hideous blogging block over the past few days and I asked during the #bbloggers chat what people would like to say and Alex who I talk about in EVERY blog post said she wanted to 'see things about me' ...creeper. But I thought that the 'Get to know me' Tag would be the best way to combat my blogging block and satisfy Alex's creepy obsession. ;)
Instagram vanity before work so you feel like we're getting to know each other. Intimate stuff.

Are you named after anyone?
Not really, I was going to either be called Phoebe or Daisy. Both of which are names my parents knicked off mutual friends haha.

When was the last time you cried?
On sunday night at Downton Abbey, *spoiler alert* LADY SYBILL! ;(

Do you have children?

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
I'd like to think so, I try my hardest to be all the qualities I look for in my friends, like loyalty and kindness and all that crap. I dunno, I hope so!

Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Noooooo... (yes)

What's your favourite cereal?
Ummm, it's a tie between golden nuggets, cookie crisp and nesquik. I'm sorry, you simply can't make me choose. But I like cereal best at night time, not in the morning. 

What's the first thing you notice about people?
Probably hair I suppose. 

What's your eye colour?
Greeny blue, it changes depending on the light. 

Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings, without a shadow of a doubt. Fun fact: I am 18 years old and I haven't actually really watched a horror film, all the way through. I just don't get the appeal! I hate being scared! 

Favourite smells?
Bonfires, cinnamon, Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh, My boyfriend's aftershave - I think it's ralph lauren, The smell of rain, Dinner cooking and freshly washed hair. 

Summer or winter?
Winter, definitely. But ask me that in February when Christmas is out the way and it's so cold your eyes feel like they are going to fall out and I might reconsider.

Computer or television?
Computer, don't watch TV much really.

What's the furthest you've been from home?
Probably Malia in the summer actually. 

Do you have any special talents?
No, I wish! I'm exceptionally average at most things. 

Where were you born?
Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone, London. But when I was 2 weeks old I moved to Gloustershire, so I couldn't really call myself a Londoner I don't think ;)

What are your hobbies?
I like reading,walking my dogs, cooking for people, make-up both applying on myself any others, getting drunk and 'mummy dancing' if you aren't familiar, just watch this.

What are your favourite movies?
Umm, weird mix but. Shawshank Redemption, 50 first dates, All of the harry potter films, All the Batman films. 

So that was my get to know me tag, I tag anyone reading and I would love to hear your responses if you do it.
Lots of Love, Daisy xxx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My autumn beauty essentials

Autumn is my favourite time of year, without a doubt. I love the cold brisk mornings and the evenings drawing in and curling up on the sofa. *Sidenote - how good is October TV at the moment?! Downton Abbey and The Great British Bake Off are my personal favourites atm.* But as with every change in season I notice my beauty regime, and the products I use alter slightly. So I thought I'd share it with you!

A good make-up primer
Something all to many people overlook in my opinion is a good primer for your make-up especially in winter where although you might not be sweating as much your skin is taking a lot more of a beating, as is your make-up! I've tried quite a few but my stand out favourite is still The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver, it's perfect for drenching the skin in moisture without leaving it greasy or oily and makes my make-up last all day, but I have a whole post raving about it here so go and check that out if it sounds like something you'd be interested in.

Intensive lip balm
One of the first things I notice when the weather changes is my lips starting to get dry and cracked. That in conjunction with the central heating being cranked up every night it quickly turns me into an incredibly unattractive peeling lipped woman, so I'll be smothering myself in cocoa butter vaseline to keep them nice and soft. If anyone has any other good lipbalm recommendations I would love to hear them.

Foot care 
Not the most glamourous subject I'll admit but having cracked heels and troll toes is not an option for me, so I will be using a foot file to get rid of all the nasty dead skin and moisturising my feet before wearing cotton socks to bed to keep them in tip top condition.

Tonal makeup
This a/w I will be wearing lots of berry lips as seen in my Berry Lips - FOTD here. (I just picked up a Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie, and it is such a perfect Berry shade and really moisturising so perfect for the winter months!) Along with lots of gold and brown eyeshadows and TONS of highlighter as per usual, who said it has to be a summer thing?!

And a non beauty must have for the autumn - Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, a recent discovery for me seeing as I have only really started to like coffee in the past few months, so strange how our taste buds change as we get older! But, there is literally nothing more autumnal and warms you up to core. SO TASTY!

Q- What is something you can't live without in Autumn beauty or otherwise?

Lots of Love Daisy xxx

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Leibster Award!

I've been nominated by the gorgeous Alex of Bambella for the Leibster Blog Award, which I had utterly no idea what it was until I read her post on it. I was half expecting it to be some glittering awards ceremony, but sadly it isn't. ;) She explains that it's a way for bloggers with under 200 followers to get promoted and promote others. The nominees must write 11 random facts about themselves, answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated them and ask other bloggers under 200 followers 11 questions. It all sounds very complex but I promise it isn't, I'm just rubbish at explanations and it is a very good idea.

11 facts about me:

1. Generally speaking I like animals more than people
2. Bit weirdly obsessed with Harry Potter 
3. I watch far too many cooking programmes for someone my age
4. My mum constantly takes the piss out of me for putting a positive spin on everything 
5. I work at the Body Shop 
6. I want to work as a makeup artist when I grow up :) 
7. I'm trying to type quietly because my boyfriend is napping
8. I started beauty blogging because I wanted to talk to people that got as excited about makeup/haircare/skincare as I do!
9.I once went to glastonbury festival and went backstage without the proper wrist bands, and held hands with my best friend 4 rows from the front of U2 in the pouring rain on peoples shoulders and looked back and saw the amount of people/lights/flags that seemed to be infinite and felt like I was in another world. 
10. When I'm old I want to look like Mary Berry. 
11. I think there is a small possibility I have a tea addiction, just like every other blogger in the world it seems.

Here is a picture of me, enjoying life outside Dumbledore's office to spice up this post.

11 Questions asked:

1.  You can only live in one item of clothing for the rest of your life, what is it?
Pyjamas. Without a shadow of a doubt. I'm in them 90% of the time anyway, preferably my ones with snowflakes on. But i'm not fussy. 
2. If you have one, what's your middle name?
3. What is the best/weirdest/funniest name of one of your pets (if you have one!)?
Oh my god, I have had too many weirdly named pets. We had two guinea pigs we thought we were girls when I was little, went on holiday and came back to lots of little baby guinea pigs! We got bored and slowly less imaginative naming the babies after a little while and one ended up being called Brown Bum, and it stuck hahaha! I also have a big chubby black Labrador called Plum. She is a beaut.  
Plum being the babe she is.
4. Snog, marry, avoid. Justin Beiber, Johnny Depp, your postman. Go!
Snog: Biebs, because he is beautiful. Marry: Johnny Depp because we've had a long running love affair and it's about time we made it official, and Avoid: my postman because she's infact a very butch woman. (Apologies if she's reading this)
5. What key things make you love and therefore follow a blog?
Pretty pictures, nice writing style, and someone who is clearly enjoying themselves and has a sense of humour, no need to take it too seriously!
6. Name one person or thing that can make you instantly happy?
My dogs, this is turning into such a weird dog-lady post. 
7. Llamas or monkeys?
Aaaah such a difficult question! Monkeys. Probably. Especially orangutans that cuddle you. Yes, definitely monkeys.
8. You've won the lottery, what's the first thing you buy?
A harry potter theme park, in scotland. (where it should be) with a life sized hogwarts castle and actors pretending to be real wizards so I can feel like it's real! Hahahaha (not joking)
9. Would you rather it was forever cold/snowing, or forever boiling hot?
Cold, definitely! I am an autumn/winter girl.
10. Who's your favourite artists? (Doesn't have to be just a painter for example, it can be an illustrator, musician, dancer, fashion designer, etc).
Phyllis Cohen. Seriously. That woman. If you haven't seen her work/heard of her. She is incredible.
11. What one achievement in your life are you most proud of?
Designing and applying dramatic stage makeup for a dance competition on 60 dancers and winning an award for make-up design.

Questions for others:

...and the nominees are! 
Sarah from Modern Damsel
Lauren from Smokey Blush
and Natalia from Natalia Barbara

1. Why did you originally start blogging?
2. If you could steal any feature from any celebrity alive or dead what would you take and why?
3. If you had to eat one food for the rest of you life what would it be?
4. What's your favourite animal?
5. What in your opinion is your best feature? (Don't be humble!)
6. If your makeup bag was stolen what would be the first 3 things you repurchased?
7. Who is your biggest inspiration?
8. Favourite TV programme?
9. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
10. Most embarrassing makeup related story?
11. What would your patronus be? (This question is mainly directed at Sarah, because I know she'll love it but I look forward to seeing your other answers!)

Can't wait to see your posts, I also tag anyone reading this that wants to join in on the fun. Feel free to answer my questions and then tweet me the post @Daisykeeling 

Lots of Love, Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Recipe - Homemade Vegetable Soup.

The weather today has been one of these days...
Cold, blustery, rainy and perfect for staying in and doing nothing all day. Which is exactly what I've been doing! And I can't think of anything more appealing to eat when the weather is like that then soup.
I am not a culinary genius by any stretch of the imagination so this recipe is just a very very simple easy one which anyone can follow and that I've made up myself - no exact measurements or ingredients just work with anything you've got to hand. I've found this soup is perfect for the cold, rainy days for warming you through and keeping colds at bay.

What I used:

  • 2 large potatoes
  • 1 white onion, 1 red
  •  4 little carrots (2 big ones)
  • 1 large leek
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • knob of butter (hehe)
  • salt and pepper to season
  • nando's garlic sauce *optional*
Obviously you can completely alter the amounts, and the vegetables you use. I'd say this serves 5 people easily with big portions. I added the nando's sauce right at the end, I've never done it before but it was really nice. Added a teeny bit of spice and just a load of flavour. 


I roughly chopped the leek, garlic and onions. 

I then 'sweated' (such a grim word) them in the saucepan with a bit of olive oil until soft. 

After that I diced the potatoes and carrots into medium size chunks and added them to the saucepan.

Added the water and the OXO cubes (or your stock of preference) until everything was just covered, added a small knob of butter, seasoned it and then left to simmer for 20 minutes ish. Or until the potatoes and carrots were soft all the way through.

After this you should be getting that gorgeous soupy smell, and it's nearly ready. I put a splash of nando's garlic sauce in to bring out some of the flavour and add a bit of spice. I then left it to cool for about  5 minutes before I blended it because according to Sophia it's easier to blend (check out her spicy butternut sqaush soup recipe btw - looks amazing!) After that I blended it til it was thick and smooth but still had chunks of veg in it.

And after that, DONE! Easy as that. It barely takes 30 minutes all in all and it's a really tasty, healthy meal for when you need something to warm you up. I'd love to see if any of you make it or anything similar, please leave any recipe suggestions. 

Q- What's your favourite autumn meal?

Lots of Love, Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Liz Earle Skincare Essentials Regime - Review.

I got my first official pay cheque last month, and let's be honest. I was never exactly going to save it. I've splurged on quite a lot of things and I've been toying with the idea of doing a haul of everything I bought? Let me know!

One of the things I invested in which was an actually sensible purchase rather than some of the more frivolous ones I made (A silk dressing gown - don't ask!) was the Liz Earle Skincare Essentials Regime. I've used a whole bottle of the cult beauty product Cleanse & Polish  and I loved it then so I thought I'd give it another go, and whilst I was on the Liz Earle website I was drawn in by the offer of the 'August Skincare Essentials Offer' which was a full size Cleanse & Polish, Muslin Cloth, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser and FREE (yes FREE!) 40ml Sheer Skin Tint as well as a little mini Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is perfect for travelling all for £41! Which was just really too good to refuse, I wanted to make sure that I used everything enough to warrant a proper review on it, skincare of course if very subjective because everyone's skin is different but these are my thoughts on this range:

What Liz Earle Say:
  • Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser:
    • "A rich, concentrated cream that gently removes daily grime and make-up, even stubborn mascara, to leave skin clear, smooth and exceptionally clean. Used with the pure muslin cloth it lifts away dead skin cells, revealing fresh, radiant skin."
  • Instant Boost Skin Tonic:
    • "This heavenly floral-scented toner refreshes, soothes and brightens your skin."
  • Skin Repair Moisturiser for Normal/Combination Skin:
    • "Light, yet rich in naturally active skin nourishing ingredients, including; borage oil a rich source of the essential fatty acid GLA, echinacea, hops, avocado oil, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) and the natural antioxidants beta-carotena and vitamin E to replace lost moisture and help protect the skin."
  • Sheer Skin Tint:
    • "The perfect way to enhance your skin. Our rich, creamy formula leaves skin looking naturally dewy, even and radiant. With mineral SPF15,plus our own specially selected blend of botanicals. You'll love its sheer coverage and lightweight feel."

What I Say:
  • Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser:
    • I like this just as much as the first time I used it, It's creamy and rich without leaving my skin feeling greasy or like it's clogging my pores. It feels lovely and moisturising with the most lovely floral/herbal soothing smell. It's made my skin so soft and smooth and removes every trace of make-up from my face. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Cannot recommend it enough.
  • Instant Boost Skin Tonic:
    • This is the first time I've actually used a Toner *slaps wrist* , I've wanted to try one for a while and so far I've been really impressed, it smells even more floral than the Cleanse and Polish but still really nice and refreshing. It feels really soothing, but removes any of the last residue or make-up I've missed.
  • Skin Repair Moisturiser for Normal/Combination Skin:
    • So far I've been enjoying this moisturiser, it's possibly a bit rich for my skin even if it is for combination skin but using a teeny amount covers my face well and it keeps my skin from getting dry for the whole day. 
  • Sheer Skin Tint:
    • For someone that prefers a medium coverage, I like this product a surprising amount. It's sheer and lightweight, while still actually covering blemishes and my dark circles! It's quite thick consistency and blends like a dream, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and has the most beautiful dewy finish. I am really really impressed!

So, in conclusion. I am very very happy with the entire Essentials Regime, my skin has been clearer, more hydrated and much softer. I will be repurchasing all of this when it runs out. HAPPY BUNNY!

Q- Have you tried any of the Liz Earle products? What are your favourites?

Lots of Love, Daisy xxx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lush facemask review - 'BB Seaweed'

Lush facemasks are something that in the beauty blogger world are raved about endlessly, and having had absolutely not experience with them I was always a bit curious. So when I was on my big payday spending spree, living like I'd won the lottery I popped into the Lush in the shepherds bush Westfield, where I spent a good 15 minutes going through all the different facemasks with a very sweet (albeit a bit odd) man that worked there who kept massaging my fingers and making up rhymes so I could remember the ingredients in the mask.

I eventually settled on the BB Seaweed mask because I wanted one which was exfoliating but not too drying because I do tend to get dry around my nose but blocked pores everywhere else.

Lush say: "Relaxing, reviving, mineral-rich mask to cleanse, soften and beautify. Fresh nutritious seaweed, cleansing kaolin, antiseptic honey, calming aloe vera and rose absolute to make this a great mask for everyone."

The mask itself is a greenish grey with a grainy, thick, houmous like consistency with bits of seaweed in it. It doesn't feel like the most pleasant mask to apply in my opinion, but this is the first ever fresh facemask I've tried so maybe that's how they're supposed to feel. The smell is one thing I definitely don't like, it's a sort of herbal smell which reminds me of lavender which makes me gag at the best of times! The mask feels lovely and soothing when it's on, and when i washed it off I did really appreciate the exfoliating particles in it and left my skin feeling beautifully soft and really clean. It didn't dry my skin out and felt like a really lovely treat for my skin, i think in future I'd like to try some of the other different lush facemasks and see how I get on with them.

Q- Whats your favourite lush product?

Lots of love, Daisy xxx

Monday, 10 September 2012

Autum face - Berry Lips (FOTD)

Autumn's almost here! Finally, it's felt like summer has been dragged out and disappointing and I am very much looking forward to crisp air, crunchy leaves and baggy jumpers. And as the weather is changing, I find myself reflecting that in my makeup - queue berry lips, smoky eyes and strong brows!

(Excuse crappy phone quality)

I'm not one for jumping on every 'seasonal' make-up trend but I do find myself generally going a bit darker and a bit heavier when the weather gets colder. I can't wait!

Q- Do you follow make-up trends? 

Lots of Love Daisy xxx

P.S I'm wearing nyx lip liner pencil in 'Bloom' and Topshop Cheek and Lip Tint in 'Bitten Berry' over the top

Monday, 3 September 2012

FOTD - my work face!

As a few of you may now know, partly because I don't shut up about it. I work at the Body Shop. I like it a lot and I'm enjoying myself, but having had a saturday job in a pet shop for the past two years as the only thing I can compare it to I must admit this is a TAD more glamorous! Haha.

Having been a girl that spent 90%  of the time rolling up to work with not a scrap of make-up on, hair scraped up in a pineapple on the top of my head, barely out the shower having to wear a full face of makeup to work and actually look vaguely presentable has been a bit of a shock. I do love experimenting with 'work friendly' makeup looks though, because obviously working in the Body Shop I can't come in my face dripping in slap with a smoky eye and a bright red lip (I wish I could). 

So I thought I'd do a little FOTD for ya! Enjoooooooooooooooooooy :) 

I'm wearing:
Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver 
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
Bourjois Delice De Soleil Bronzer
Topshop Highlighter in Sunbeam
Soap and Glory Lid Stuff in What's Nude 
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner 
Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara
Topshop Lipstick in Pillow Talk 

QUESTION- What makeup do you wear for work? How much is too much? 

Lots of Love Daisy xxxx

Monday, 27 August 2012

The big beauty box debate.

I need your help. You. Yes you, sitting there in your pyjamas. I see you.

Basically, I've been following the whole beauty box scene for a long time now. And I've finally succumbed and decided that I'm going to subscribe to one. But I am so torn, there are far too many to choose from and I need your help deciding.

Glossy Box was the first beauty box that I was introduced to (originally by Sara from Swalkermakeup I think) and one which has always appealed probably the most to me. Plus the packaging of them always seems goorgeous and really well presented. The reviews I've seen on it monthly have always been consistently good and it seems to very rarely disappoint but I think I want to hear specifically from someone who adores it that I should take the plunge!

The next beauty box I'm considering is Jolie Box which has also had some really good reviews over the past few months and has had some brilliant samples in it.

Any other beauty boxes you love?! I'm completely open to suggestions and I'd love to hear what you all think of any beauty boxes!

Lots of love Daisy xxxx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

YSL Rouge Volupté Lingerie Pink - Review

So I know the title of this post says that it's a 'review' but quite honestly, it isn't. It's a RAVE! I have been in love with the YSL lipsticks for honestly about a year now, lusted over them whenever I went past a counter and swatched them on the back of my hand wistfully, much to the annoyance of the snotty YSL makeup ladies. So, I know that at £23.50 the Rouge Volupté lipsticks aren't exactly cheap. But oh my god they are pretty! 
Seeing as I have been lusting over these lipsticks for such a long time I don't feel as bad for splurging slightly, especially seeing as I picked it up at duty free on my way back from Greece as my flight was delayed and I needed a pick me up! And pick me up it did.

The colour I ended up choosing after dithering for ages was Lingerie Pink; I am so glad I did. I haven't stopped wearing it since I bought it, and I wanted to get a shade that I would actually wear rather than just add to my already vast selection of unused lipsticks. It's a beautiful baby pink/nude colour. It's so creamy and applies like a dream. It leaves my lips feeling nourished and soft,lasts a good couple of hours on my lips and covers my quite naturally pigmented lips well.

Having said all that, as fickle as it sounds though I think the thing I love most about this lipstick is the packaging, the beautiful gold casing feels weighty and luxurious, and feels like a proper grown up lipstick.

What's the beauty item you've splurged the most on? Do you regret it?

Daisy xxx

Lingerie Pink on the lips
Lingerie Pink Swatched 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver - Review

For about 2 months now I've been working at the Body Shop, and for someone that has always loved the Body Shop's products it's been fantastic so far. It also means that I've been introduced to tons more products, whether it's skincare or their makeup ranges. But one stand out product for me which I purchased about 2 weeks ago and have been using every day is the Vitamin C Skin Reviver.

The Vitamin C range is sold directed at 'Dull Skin' but really it's suitable for most skin types. My skin type is pretty combination, I get very dry around my t-zone and my pores get clogged easily so I can't use too rich of a moisturiser or I break out. After having  used this for 2 weeks straight I have noticed my skin to be much brighter and clearer and my make-up has genuinely lasted longer after using this as a primer. 

A couple of pumps is more than enough for my entire face, and it comes out an orangey tinged serum which makes my skin feel so velvety and smooth creating a really lovely base for my makeup.I've been using the Skin Reviver in the morning as a primer for my makeup and at night when I take it off before I go to sleep and I absolutely love it. It's got a really citrus-(y?) scent which I normally wouldn't really like but it smells fresh and wakes me up a bit. It doesn't clog my pores or break my out so all in all. Happy bunny! :) Vitamin C Skin Reviver retails for £13 which seems a fair price for a serum and a primer combined and I would definitely repurchase!

Q- Have you tried any of the Body Shop skincare? If so, what? And thoughts please? :)

Lots of Love Daisy xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My July Favourites

Hello beautiess,
It's nearing the end of the month again! July has been a pretty good month for me I started a new job at the Body Shop which I have been loving, and I'm about to go on holiday to Malia in Crete with my girlfriends. The weather here in England has been hideous this month, cold and windy and rainy and so unseasonal. It definitely has affected the make-up and the hair that I've been wearing, so if anyone is interested in seeing how I've been wearing make-up in the rain I'm thinking of doing a FOTD? Anyway, onto the favourites!

  • Something I've been really loving this month has been a staple in my make-up bag for a while now, but I recently rediscovered it when Essiebutton did a blogpost on it. And it's the Soap and Glory eyeshadow quad called 'Lid Stuff' it's got such brilliant neutral eye colours in it, perfect for every day wear. Since I'm embracing my natural brown hair now, I've been loving using the dark matte brown colour mixed with a bit of 'Wedge' by MAC for my brow colour.

  • Still on the same theme of make-up I also loved this month is my new foundation routine, I featured both of these things in my recent haul and I am LOVING it, it's the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer teamed with Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation, I love to mix these together on the back of my hand, it gives such a lovely dewy, glowy lovely finish to the skin. Nothing too heavy but it still covers nicely, it's just looovely. I've also actually just recently finished Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, and I've read some fantastic reviews on Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, any other recommendations?

  • Now, onto hair care. I have dry, damaged, horrible, frizzy hair. I'm just going to come out and say it. There. It's out in the open now. Do we all feel better? I do. But no, I once had lovely soft ringlet curly brown hair, but of course I wanted to put every dye known to man on it and straighten it and curl it to submission and I regret it so much. So since I've dyed my hair back to brown I've been trying to leave it as much as I can not using heat and using deep conditioners twice a week, and all the hair oils I can get my hands on. (By the way, if any of you have any miracle treatments or products you think I should try out please comment) But I picked up a new leave in conditioner recently that I've really been liking and been using religiously all month it's Inecto's pure coconut leave in conditioner . I've tried a fair few leave in conditioners and I love the way this one is incredibly affordable (£1.99 from Savers!) and genuinely makes a difference on my hair without weighing it down or making it feel full of product. Word of warning though: if you don't like coconuty smells, AVOID because you will not like this!
  • My random favourite of July has to be Desperate Housewives, I have been working my way through watching all the seasons, i'm at the very start of season 8 atm. But no spoilers, PLEASE!  

I've been stuck in a little bit of a blogging rut recently, and I'm determined to get out of it. Any suggestions of future blog posts would be very welcome! 

Speak to you all soon, Love Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mini boots haul!

Hey girls!
Today I wasn't in the best of moods so I thought I'd indulge in a bit of retail therapy. I didn't get a great deal, but I picked up a couple of beauty blogger favourites and I thought I'd give my humble opinion on them! 

Pink Cloud - Swatched

In the pan 
The first thing I picked up was a natural collection blush in the colour 'Pink Cloud' which is a very like sort of pastel/baby pink (Perfect for spring/summer) I've heard loads about the Natural Collection blushes and I thought I'd give them a whirl; for £1.99 you can't really go wrong. And I was pleasantly surprised, the pigmentation is pretty nice albeit a little bit chalky - but for £1.99 I expected much less.

I also picked up something that has been all of the beauty blogging scene lately, the great Revlon Lip Butter V L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks debate. And I stood umming and ahing over which to go for in the Boots aisle for a good 5 minutes trying to decide. But I came to the conclusion of going down the L'Oreal route, because I've read quite a few reviews on them and it seemed as if they were slightly more pigmented plus I adore the packaging, is that a bit silly? Haha. I don't mind! I only got one, because I wanted to try it out before I commited to a load of them. So I got the shade cheeky magenta, which I utterly adore!

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Cheeky Magenta
L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Cheeky Magenta - Swatched 

Really lightly applied
Colour built up 

I really love the way this looks on the lips, as it's so buildable so it could be subtle or quite a statement. It feels so comfortable and balmy on your lips, but not slippery. LOVE! They're priced as £7.99 from Boots definitely worth checking out I'm going to purchasing some different shades as soon as I can!

I've always been a massive Bourjois fan, and as a lover of the Healthy Mix Foundation I thought I'd try out the 'serum' formula, I might do a seperate blog post on this if anyone is interested. I got the shade 53, which is a teeensy bit dark for me but as we're going into the warmer months I thought I could pull it off. I paid £10.99 at boots for it. 

Healthy Mix serum blended out 

I have also been seeing lots of the new L'Oreal 'Lumi Magique' Range, And as a lover of shimmery things I was keen to check it out! I picked up their new primer on a two L'Oreal products for £14 along with one of the Rouge Caress lipsticks. I've been on the market for a new face primer for a while, and I loved that this one doubles as a highlight. 

A (pretty massive) blob of the product 
Looooooook shimmery!