Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Liz Earle Skincare Essentials Regime - Review.

I got my first official pay cheque last month, and let's be honest. I was never exactly going to save it. I've splurged on quite a lot of things and I've been toying with the idea of doing a haul of everything I bought? Let me know!

One of the things I invested in which was an actually sensible purchase rather than some of the more frivolous ones I made (A silk dressing gown - don't ask!) was the Liz Earle Skincare Essentials Regime. I've used a whole bottle of the cult beauty product Cleanse & Polish  and I loved it then so I thought I'd give it another go, and whilst I was on the Liz Earle website I was drawn in by the offer of the 'August Skincare Essentials Offer' which was a full size Cleanse & Polish, Muslin Cloth, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser and FREE (yes FREE!) 40ml Sheer Skin Tint as well as a little mini Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is perfect for travelling all for £41! Which was just really too good to refuse, I wanted to make sure that I used everything enough to warrant a proper review on it, skincare of course if very subjective because everyone's skin is different but these are my thoughts on this range:

What Liz Earle Say:
  • Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser:
    • "A rich, concentrated cream that gently removes daily grime and make-up, even stubborn mascara, to leave skin clear, smooth and exceptionally clean. Used with the pure muslin cloth it lifts away dead skin cells, revealing fresh, radiant skin."
  • Instant Boost Skin Tonic:
    • "This heavenly floral-scented toner refreshes, soothes and brightens your skin."
  • Skin Repair Moisturiser for Normal/Combination Skin:
    • "Light, yet rich in naturally active skin nourishing ingredients, including; borage oil a rich source of the essential fatty acid GLA, echinacea, hops, avocado oil, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) and the natural antioxidants beta-carotena and vitamin E to replace lost moisture and help protect the skin."
  • Sheer Skin Tint:
    • "The perfect way to enhance your skin. Our rich, creamy formula leaves skin looking naturally dewy, even and radiant. With mineral SPF15,plus our own specially selected blend of botanicals. You'll love its sheer coverage and lightweight feel."

What I Say:
  • Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser:
    • I like this just as much as the first time I used it, It's creamy and rich without leaving my skin feeling greasy or like it's clogging my pores. It feels lovely and moisturising with the most lovely floral/herbal soothing smell. It's made my skin so soft and smooth and removes every trace of make-up from my face. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Cannot recommend it enough.
  • Instant Boost Skin Tonic:
    • This is the first time I've actually used a Toner *slaps wrist* , I've wanted to try one for a while and so far I've been really impressed, it smells even more floral than the Cleanse and Polish but still really nice and refreshing. It feels really soothing, but removes any of the last residue or make-up I've missed.
  • Skin Repair Moisturiser for Normal/Combination Skin:
    • So far I've been enjoying this moisturiser, it's possibly a bit rich for my skin even if it is for combination skin but using a teeny amount covers my face well and it keeps my skin from getting dry for the whole day. 
  • Sheer Skin Tint:
    • For someone that prefers a medium coverage, I like this product a surprising amount. It's sheer and lightweight, while still actually covering blemishes and my dark circles! It's quite thick consistency and blends like a dream, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and has the most beautiful dewy finish. I am really really impressed!

So, in conclusion. I am very very happy with the entire Essentials Regime, my skin has been clearer, more hydrated and much softer. I will be repurchasing all of this when it runs out. HAPPY BUNNY!

Q- Have you tried any of the Liz Earle products? What are your favourites?

Lots of Love, Daisy xxx


  1. Great review!
    I have been wanting to try Liz Earle range for a while :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'd really recommend it!xxx

  2. Really good review :)
    I have heard sooo much about Cleanse and Polish...all of it good! Yet I still haven't tried it. I think its time I bought some xx

  3. I'm so gutted I missed out on this deal! I've tried everything except the moisturiser but only sample for the skintint and I loved it so much. Think I need to get a full size :) great review! xx

  4. Such a great deal! I really want to try the make up range! Great review of the skin care :)

  5. I've never used a toner before! Terrible since I am a beauty and fashion blogger, right? I have always been scared it'd dry out my skin!
    Thanks for the useful review! I'm less scared now haha!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  6. I love the Cleanse & Polish - I am using the special edition one at the moment, I cannot get enough of it! The tonic is also part of my skincare routine. I would like to try the moisturiser and skin tint too just because everything else has worked so well for my from Liz Earle. x

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  8. Great review - currently looking for some new skincare products so may give this a go :)

    Would also love if you could check out my blog and we could maybe follow each other if you like?

  9. I love Liz Earle cleanse and polish! great review :)


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