Tuesday, 12 February 2013

100 day spending ban.

Ohhhh lord what am I getting myself in for. I'm doing it. I'm biting the bullet and attempting a 100 day spending ban. This is going to be a bitch! 

I've got an exciting and expensive summer ahead of me, and to be honest up until now I haven't really been budgeting at all. I'm not exactly blowing my pay cheques on mulberry handbags (however much I might want to) but I have been buying things partly for the sake of it, on a whim or just because I'm plain bored. I've got IMATS coming up in June shortly followed by Glastonbury, and then a girls holiday a month later! So it's not exactly like my money isn't going to be put to good use, it's just going to be hard to resist temptation up until then!

The rules:

  1. The spending ban will take place as soon as I post this blogpost (Tuesday 12th of February 2013) and will end on May 23rd 2013. 
  2. I am not allowed to buy any make-up in between those dates.
  3. I am allowed to repurchase something if its urgent and I have no alternative (e.g foundation, eyebrow pencil etc) but only if I have no alternative. 
  4. Under no circumstances do I need any more lipsticks. *sob*
  5. I am allowed to buy essentials (e.g shower gel, deodorant, heat protectant) 
  6. I will write weekly update posts on my blog to talk about my progress, what I'm lusting over so I can keep a record of how much I actually want something. 
  7. Every time I don't buy something that I want, I will move that exact amount of money the item costs into my savings account. 
  8. I am allowed to repurchase skincare (within reason, I don't need to 'stock up' on 8 bottles of liz earle cleanse and polish) 
  9. I am allowed to buy makeup with any vouchers I have/receive for my birthday 
  10. I must see this through to at the very least 50 days! 

We'll see how we'll I manage it! Have any of you done the 100 day spending ban? I'd love some tips, or if any of you are doing it as well at the moment I'd love to hear how you're finding it! 


  1. Good luck! I've done one since New Year and it's actually not too bad! I've had one shopping spree (oops) but each item had been thought through - cutting out impulse saves so much! Stay away from the shops as much as possible ;) x

    1. It's so good to hear someone say that it's not that bad! I think cutting out the impulse part of it is going to make such a difference to me! Then I know that if I've bought something it's because I really want it and have done for a while xxx

  2. Awww good luck :)... I've been thinking of doing one but I just can't bring myself to do it lol! Can't wait to hear how you get along with yours though :)

    Siobhan xxx

    1. Well exactly, see how hard I find it first haha ;) xxx

  3. I think I may just have to do this too, I have nothing I need to save for other than the fact that I am in massive overdraft debt. This is a great idea and I am sure my boyfriend will appreciate it too. Good luck!!

    Kirstabelle xxx


    1. Yes! Do it with me! I'm going to need all the help/encouragement I can get! Xxx

  4. Good Luck, looks like you will have a great summer :)

  5. Good luck you can do it!!!!

    New follower :)

  6. That's going to be tough! I really should bring myself to do this but for not spending money on clothes/magazines/gig tickets because I'm saving up for a camera. I doubt I will be able to stick to it though, however I do have a good amount saved up so far that I haven't even been tempted to touch which is good.

    Good luck with it though! You're brave, haha.

    Tara x

  7. 100 days seems like a tough cookie and it may crumble. Good Luck! I'll be keeping up with how you get along. I love the idea that you will be moving the amount of money you would have spent to your savings account. I can't wait to see how much you save. Will you keep it up after the 100 days?


  8. Ouch that's going to be a bitch xx

  9. Good luck lovely! I would not be able to do this oh my x

  10. 100 days seems so long! I done a 30 day spend and have stuck to it after a year, now I appreciate what I have more and when I do buy something it's A REAL treat :-)

    you've also got a life long follower in me now :-)
    jade // jade by the sea

  11. You are so brave haha, but I also need to do something like this, but not sure if I could last 100 days!


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