Friday, 27 April 2012

18th birthday haul!

As some of you who read my last post 'AN UPDATE' will know, I turned 18 on the 19th of April. I had a truly    lovely day, and I was utterly utterly spoilt. During the day I got up with my family quite early as I went to college, opened some cards and my beautiful ring and everyone else went off to work. I had a pretty average day at college, got fussed over a lot and we went to McDonalds for lunch which was lush! In the evening a coach load of my friends all came to my house for pre-drinks and cake and then we all went off in the coach to Brighton clubbing. It was an unreal day and night and it was so lovely to be able to use my own ID!  These are not all the presents I got, I got some other lovely things and money from family and things. These are just a little selection. I am not making this to brag, I just wanted to share with everyone what I got for my birthday!

All my presents together :)
My aaaamazing make-up themed birthday cake! It was soooo delicious :)
 My friends and family know me so well, well enough to get me a load of benefit makeup. I love the range of products that benefit gives, and I think the names of products and packaging is diviineeeee.

Flirt alert swatched 

Skinny dip swatched 
 I got two new benefit lipsticks, I've never actually tried their lipsticks before but I've worn them both non-stop since my birthday; the formulation is so creamy and they just glide onto the lips. They last a good couple of hours. I got the colour 'Flirt Alert' which is a vibrant, true pillar box red and 'Skinny Dip' Which is a lipstick from their 'Silky finish' range, so it's super moisturising and feels quite balmy and glossy on the lips. It looks gorgeous, and is definitely a nudey, dark pink 'my lips but better' shade, great for everyday.
 I was also lucky enough to get two benefit mascaras; 'they're real' and 'BAD gal lash' both of which I've had before, But if you ask me you can never have too many mascaras. Especially amazing Benefit ones like these.

 Now, jewellery. Just like any other girl I adore anything sparkly, and I definitely was not disappointed! As it was my 18th and quite a momentous birthday I wanted jewellery which is timeless and I would wear for years.

My auntie bought me this beautiful silver bangle, my cousin and my sister both have the same one , I love  family links like that.

 I also got these diamond earrings, I'm not a lover of stud earrings and I much prefer big dangly ones. But I love the way these look, I think they're quite understated and really classy.

 And finally, quite possibly my favourite birthday present I received was from my parents and it's the most beautiful Monica Vinader Mini Luna Amethyst Ring, I really wanted a ring which I could wear every day but still was something different. I didn't want just silver Tiffany band like everyone else has (nothing wrong with that) but I love the way Monica Vinader isn't a designer that everyone has heard of. I also love the way the ring sits on my hand, and it just is so perfect. I love!

 I was also lucky enough to get my favourite perfume in travel bottles, can we just all take a minute to appreciate how CUTE the packaging is?!

And last but by no means least, my very own make-up train case! So excited, my dad was in LA just before my birthday so he picked it up from Sephora (God I wish we had them in the UK) but I absolutely adore it. I already have a big chest of drawers that I store my make-up in atm but this is great for travelling or if I'm getting ready at someone else's house or doing anyone else's makeup.

Sorry for the incredibly long post! Let me know if you would like to see more hauls or more posts? :)
Lots of Love, Daisy xxx


  1. i want those mascaras! happy birthday

  2. Wow you got some really lovely things for your birthday! Love the vanity case! xo

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh that cake! XO

    1. Eeeeeee! I am geeking out so bad that you've seen my blog haha! It was so amazing, I am the most spoilt girl haha xx

  4. OMg! could your cake have been more amazinggg!

  5. you lucky girl! What a great haul. That cake is amazing! xx

    1. I am so incredibly lucky! Followed btw xxxx

  6. That cake is amazing! You got utterly spoilt and your friends and family have the best taste xx

  7. i like the eyeshadow palette!



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