Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Hello Bloggerverse!
I know, I am a terrible terrible blogger. I still have yet to make a substantial and interesting post, so that is why I am calling on you. Be it may that I am too lazy to think of my own ideas, or I am lacking in inspiration I am writing a pathetic sorry for not blogging blog. ANYWHO. As everyone hates completely text posts, I thought I'd insert a couple of random pictures of lately. I very recently dyed my hair, from bleach blonde to reddish brown. I'm still not sure how I feel about it yet, but as a natural brunette the roots were murderous and on a student budget not very realistic. 
New hair.

I'm not totally convinced, but it's only hair! It was my 18th birthday on the 19th of April, I had the most perfect weekend afterwards and such a lovely day; I was absolutely spoilt rotten and got suitably pissed to celebrate 4 days in a row! But I've been thinking of doing a 'Birthday haul' type post, but I'm not sure if that seems like I'm just showing off? Let me know. 

I promise to post sooner this time...maybe.
Lots of Love, Daisy xxx


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