Monday, 16 September 2013

My current skincare regime!

Skincare is a new obsession for me, I distinctly remember a couple of years ago whenever I was watching beauty videos or reading blogs how boring I found it whenever skincare was mentioned but oh how times have changed! It probably all stemmed from when I started working at the body shop a year ago when mr routine consisted of nothing more than a face wipe for 'blemish prone skin' ick.

Over time I've started to properly understand my skin type, and what it likes and needs. I've finally realised that my skin is actually dry and the majority of the time if I get any breakouts its often because my skin is dehydrated so producing excess oil. (Hence why moisture features as a big part in my routine!) 
I've been in this routine for probably 6 months now, apart from the odd late addition and my skin, albeit not perfect is the best it's ever looked!


Wake up and wash my face with NO7 beautiful skin melting gel cleaner, this is a lovely, cheap face wash that leaves my skin baby soft and clean. 

I then give my skin a quick swish over with a cotton pad and some Bioderma, which removes any last traces of stubborn makeup, and preps my skin.

I'm currently alternating between two serums, if my skin is feeling dry or like it needs a good boost of hydration I use my hydraluron, this stuff is like a DREAM it makes any moisturiser amazing and keeps my skin hydrated and smooth all day long. I would bathe in this stuff if it wasn't so bleeding expensive (RRP £24.99 for 30ML) And for the days when I'm not feeling too dry I'll use The Body Shop 'Drops of Youth' serum from the nutriganics range, enriched with aloe vera and babassu oil it's hydrating without being heavy or greasy.
My go-to moisturiser for the last few months has been without fail Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate, this stuff is effing divine, it's a lovely light lotion that doesn't feel heavy but banishes dry patches and gives a fantastic base for makeup. I first tried this stuff after IMATs 2 years ago, and since I've gone through 4 or 5 tubes, holy grail material here ladies. If you haven't tried it yet I strongly suggest you do!


After wearing a face full of make-up all day, especially at work where I have to CAKE it on I look forward to washing it all off and having a clean face the best part of my afternoon! To get it all off I start by taking off my eye make-up with Bioderma, and then giving my face a deep clean with The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and a muslin cloth. This butter melts away make-up and thoroughly clears out those pesky blocked pores around my nose but gently buffing with the muslin cloth.
I then finish it all off by oiling it up with my BalanceMe Radiance Facial Oil, oh baby. This oil. It deserves it's own blog post and I think I'm going to give it one, but seriously. Any spots, dry patches, uneven skin tone, anything and this improves it. I LOVE IT.

Q- I'm still looking for a couple of things to complete my skincare regime, so what are your favourite Toners and Eye Creams? I'd love to know!

Daisy xo

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  1. I'm dying to try Hydraluron!Heard so many great things about it! I've just bought Bioderma but haven't used it yet. The Embryolisse cream sounds exactly what I need for my horrible dry skin! Great routine



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