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Tips on how to get a job on a Benefit Cosmetics counter.

For the past 6 months or so now,I've been working for Benefit Cosmetics as a Beauty Advisor (or BA) I absolutely love it! Benefit is such a fun brand to work for, and I absolutely love the products. Just as a disclaimer before I get cracking though, all opinions are totally 100% my own and this isn't the set guaranteed way of getting the job on any beauty counter! Just things that worked for me, and tips I'd like to share! 

When I was trying to get a job with Benefit I did some serious googling and found lots of horror stories on the interviewing process and the auditions, and if that's how you found this post. DON'T PANIC! It's nowhere near as bad as people made it out to be, and if it doesn't work out for you that's fine! 

The recruitment process for Benefit in particular can be quite lengthy and lots of waiting around the route that I took though was in my opinion one of the quickest and most effective. And that's auditions.  The basic principle is that the auditions are advertised on the website and anyone is free to turn up and give it a go. Good, because it means you don't have to face a phone interview and you also get instant results. Bad, because to some people it can seem pretty daunting. 

The audition process is initially a one-on-one interview, pretty basic questions; why do you want to work for the brand? Which products are your favourite? Etc etc. If you get through that initial questioning they invite you back in the afternoon. 

The afternoon is the actual 'auditions' so, for me they took us down and gave us some really basic training on 4 products and basic hygiene. We then practiced applying the products on each other and then they send you off out on the shop floor. The idea is that you go out 'traffic stopping' which is basically a way of going up to a complete stranger and trying to get them to come over to your counter, sit down and let you put some products on them! If that sounds utterly terrifying to you, to be perfectly honest you are probably going for the wrong job. Because that is about 40% of what you'll be doing as a BA. During the auditions, they aren't expecting you to make a load of sales it's more about them seeing how you speak to people, and if you can convince them to come over and give them the 'Benefit experience' (super friendly, informative level of customer service). Originally when I first started my auditions there was about 15 of us, but over the course of the time that you are there they gradually take people to one side and say if they aren't suitable for the role. I genuinely didn't even notice until towards the end when it was only about 3 of us left that people had been leaving, I'd been so determined to keep a steady flow of customers! 

Eventually, it was only me and one other girl left when they took me to one side for a FINAL series of questions, but these are the more practical questions like what days can you work? And things like that. I then got offered the job on the spot!  I know it sounds like a long old process but it's worth it in the end and it's a great way of seeing what an aspect of the actual job is like.

Overall tips: 
- Sounds cheesy but be yourself, if you aren't naturally confident around the public then this job probably isn't for you.
- Stay positive, not everyone is going to want a makeover. Be polite and move on to the next person!
- Chat to the customer, nothing worse than sitting in awkward silence! 
- Try your best to ignore what everyone else is doing, concentrate on you!
- Know your brand, which products do you like? Which are your favourites? Why?
- Have fun! 

I hope some of you found this helpful, and I'm impressed that you made it through to the end of this whopper of a blog post! Any questions, or thoughts I'd love to hear them in the comments section! 

Good luck! 
Daisy xo 

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  1. Great post! Sounds like a tiring day but the staff are always great when I go to a counter so it must work!



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